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Vierstroom helps people to remain independent for as long as possible. That is why they offer all the care and assistance that people need at home. The website is an important part of this.

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New website

Vierstroom asked us to update the website and make it more user-friendly.

AllesOnline has given the website a cleaner and more modern look, giving Vierstroom even more opportunities to present all information in an attractive and clear way. The homepage has been restyled so that the most important information and links for everyone can be found directly and very easily, whether it is a care worker, a Vierstroom member, or a family caregiver.

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Member portal

In addition, AllesOnline has developed the member portal that is linked to the Korèn CRM service. This allows Vierstroom members and family members to change data and order services online.

We build strong brands together!

We recognize digitization and ensure that our advertising is accessible both offline and online. Easy-to-navigate websites and clear communication make the online experience enjoyable for seniors.

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In addition to the website, flyers...

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...and brochures

are important communication tools because a big part of the target audience is not (yet) accustomed to the online world.

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This way, we take care of Vierstroom with complete design, both online and offline, because they already have enough to worry about.

Vierstroom over AllesOnline

At AllesOnline you can submit a concept, which they will develop from A to Z. They are very strong in the implementation of ideas and think along well. It is a pragmatic, service-oriented company. The advice is very knowledgeable. I enjoy working with them.



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