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Warung Catering Services specializes in authentic Indonesian and Surinamese cuisine. With love and passion, fresh dishes are prepared every day that can ultimately be found in supermarkets, business units, schools, events, and healthcare institutions.

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Since the dishes are distributed to a wide market, AllesOnline designs and produces a wide range of communication tools.

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For example the design of the menu folder.

We build strong brands together! 

Our creatives challenge each other and are inspired by your brand story. Together, we bring ideas to life that capture the essence of your brand.

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Design of diverse roll-up screens.

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The printing of a food truck.

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The complete lettering of a kitchen.

Warung over AllesOnline

At AllesOnline they have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of communication in general and online in particular. They have always proven to be an excellent partner for us. AllesOnline has everything in-house to serve us, both technology and design. They provide good and fast service.


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