Is A3 bigger or smaller than A5?

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Our designers work with A sizes every day and know them by heart. Well... almost, because even they often double-check to ensure the document is truly the correct size.

The A-series starts with the largest paper size: A0. With each subsequent size, the dimension is halved in the longest direction. So, A1 is equal to half of A0. A2 is half of A1 and so on. The smaller the number, the larger the size! Therefore, an A3 is larger than an A5. Got it?

A4 is the most well-known and commonly used paper size in the A-series: 210 x 297 mm. A4 sheets are standard for printers and almost all letters and invoices use this basic size. For modest posters and folded brochures, we often choose an A3 size and for flyers, A5 is ideal.

What is the page size I’m looking for?

The smaller the number, the bigger the size!

A0 size: 841 x 1189 mm
A1 size: 594 x 841 mm
A2 size: 420 x 594 mm
A3 size: 297 x 420 mm
A4 size: 210 x 297 mm
A5 size: 148 x 210 mm
A6 size: 105 x 148 mm
A7 size: 74 x 105 mm
A8 size: 52 x 74 mm
A9 size: 37 x 52 mm
A10 size: 26 x 37 mm

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Do you want to know all the dimensions? Then download our handy paper format overview below.



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