When is a QR-code useful?

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Dynamic QR-code

What can you do with a dynamic QR-code, how do you create it and what are the benefits? Because scanning dynamic QR-codes is so easy, many companies use them to reach customers.

Anyone with a smartphone can scan a QR-code and access the information behind this code. Information you can link to a dynamic QR-code through a website link:

  • a menu (card);
  • a YouTube video;
  • forms;
  • websites;
  • virtual business cards;
  • downloadable files;
  • social media links.

How do you create a dynamic QR-code?

You can easy create a dynamic QR-codes via a dynamic QR code generator. Search in a search engine for "dynamic QR code generator + <the information you want to link (for example: menu)>" and a number of results will appear.

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Advantages of a dynamic QR-code

  • Saving costs, because you can always adjust the information behind the dynamic QR code.

  • A dynamic QR code keeps track of important data such as; how many times has the code been scanned, age and gender of the person who scanned the code and much more...

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