Bouwacademie Groene Hart

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The center for modern technical craftsmanship

Where students and trainees can go for training, education, and short-term courses, among other things. With three different training centers and a large outdoor area, this complex stands as the premier training hub for aspiring construction professionals.

AllesOnline has developed a new corporate identity to match their new, modern building.

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Logo and corporate identity design

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The diagonal lines and the black and green color scheme are consistently used across all brand elements.

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As seen on the roll-up banners and posters

We build strong brands together!

Our team of creative minds breathes life into your brand with unique and memorable designs. Whether it's print, digital media, or an entire campaign, we strive for creations that leave a lasting impression.

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Website & newsletter

We also built the website and provided templates for digital newsletters.

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And how nice are these coffee mugs? :)

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