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KLINGER is an international organization specializing in advanced technical products for the industrial sector. These products are specifically tailored to the customer's production process.

Klinger website


KLINGER sought an integrated webshop within their existing website.

AllesOnline developed this webshop, incorporating all 100,000 products sourced from their product catalog software. This ensures that the product range on the website is always up-to-date. Prices, customer data, and orders are linked to KLINGER's ERP system for an efficient workflow.

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In addition to the webshop, we have also created a complete product catalogue.

We build strong brands together!

We believe in connecting your brand to the broader digital world. Our web connectors ensure seamless interaction between your website and external platforms, presenting your brand consistently and powerfully to your customers.

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Design and production

AllesOnline is also involved in designing and producing various communication tools.

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Online and offline materials such as brochures, leaflets, flyers, promotional gifts, annual calendars, flags and online newsletters.

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For this year's party, we broke away from our brand guidelines and created this fun invitation that perfectly captures the theme!

A special piece of printing made of gold foil on black paper.

KLINGER over AllesOnline

It is always pleasant to work with AllesOnline. They are very flexible, customer-friendly and up to date. AllesOnline understands very well how things work for us and what we need. In addition, there are very regular consultations and they inform us well and clearly about the state of affairs. That is very positive.


Communications manager

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