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Mosadex Group is a total supplier in the (pharmaceutical) healthcare and retail market. Together with more than 800 pharmacies, 465 Service Apotheken, 410 drugstores, 250 healthcare organizations and 1,800 employees, they are committed to improving the lives of patients and (healthcare) consumers.

AllesOnline takes on a wide range of communication projects and provides top service to all Mosadex subsidiaries.

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We use illustrations extensively in Mosadex's corporate identity...

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We do this primarily to ensure recognizability. A number of product groups such as continence care and diabetes care have their own avatar. In addition, it is practical to illustrate certain situations, such as wound care. Illustrations are a pleasant and clear way to communicate the message in these cases.

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Social media banners

While Mosadex makes extensive use of printed materials to provide information, there is a growing demand for digital expressions such as social media banners, PowerPoint presentations, e-learnings, digital magazines and animations.

Powerpoint presentations

To present information about specific products in an attractive way, we regularly create PowerPoint presentations for Van Heek Medical, a part of Mosadex. With interactive slides, animated transitions and fun visuals, the presentation becomes more dynamic and interesting to watch. This increases engagement, and that's exactly the goal!


The recognizable illustration style is also evident in the animations we create for Mosadex. The message is conveyed clearly through a proper mix of visuals and text. The ability to add effects to digital expressions creates a whole new brand experience!

We build strong brands together!

At AllesOnline, we understand that building a strong brand is a team effort. Let's work together to create something beautiful. Contact us today and discover how we can take your brand to new heights.

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Of course, there will always be a need for printed expressions that we design in line with the corporate identity.

The printed expressions we provide for Mosadex are very diverse. We create forms, manuals, accompanying letters, product instructions, order lists, recipe blocks, and assortment cards.

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Brochures and more...

What about a decision aid for medical specialists, product brochures, and a desk fan with the complete assortment overview!

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Product packaging

We also specialize in printing packaging. And that's just the kind of question that comes up regularly from Mosadex. Product packaging with unusual dimensions and a tricky die-cut? Bring it on!

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Can it get any crazier?

You bet! We especially love it when we get an unusual request to design eye-catching materials. A cardboard stool, tear-off calendar, custom pen holder, or 3D-effect floor sticker - at AllesOnline, we make it all!

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