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Keeping up with the rapid pace of change today requires continuous learning. AllesOnline has created a cheerful, modern, and user-friendly website for opleidingvinden.nl (formerly STAP-budget.nl).

With the government's STAP-budget, individuals could apply for funding for training and development. Since the STAP budget is no longer available, we have converted the website to opleidingvinden.nl

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This training platform offers the best training courses and information on subsidies and budgets.

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Coaches and more...

In addition to these training courses, coaches are also available to help you make the right choice. Open days and events are also offered, and development job vacancies can be found.

A next step

As a technology partner of Educata, AllesOnline continuously develops and provides hosting and monitoring. A special system has been set up for providers who present their services on opleidingvinden.nl, enabling them to add their offerings to the website via links or manually. The entire platform is highly scalable and prepared for hundreds of thousands of visitors who consult thousands of training courses and other services.

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AllesOnline has an answer to everything. There is a lot of creativity and expertise. They always think along well.

I think it is a very down-to-earth and modest company. They are reasonable in everything. They are really involved, flexible and precise.

It is very nice to work with them.


Co-owner Educata Opleidingvinden.nl

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